Problem with VR Tutorial


I’m trying to follow the VR tutorials (UE5.1.1), but I came across a problem on part 1 (Teleportation).

When I use the Add camera node from the camera manager, everything is running slow, tiles take a lot of times to load and physics seems broken like if the framerate dropped (but it does not).

Has anyone experienced the same?


Hi Seb,

Thank you for posting, just to clarify in the teleportation tutorial the “Add camera” node is called from begin play on the pawn. Add camera is only called once this way and the associated camera ID is cached. From there only the cesium camera of that ID is updated. Are you adding the camera at a different time or potentially in a loop?

The cesium camera does enforce a higher level of detail of a tile to load, regardless of your distance to the tile so some lag would be expected. This camera is updated however to only point downwards so you can expect the tiles below the user to be higher LOD. If you are trying to deploy untethered on the headset there might be limitations to calling a higher LOD due to overall memory limits.

  • Ben

Hi ,

Thanks for the reply, I call it at the begin play like in the tutorial.
I’ve also tryed to migrate the completed project on the marketplace, but I have the exact same issue with the BP_VRPawn_main .
If I skip this node it works with no problem.
My target platform is PCVR on a high end pc (RTX 4090 , i9 13900 , 64gb ram DDR5) and I have a decent internet connection too.

Thanks for the help, will try to upload a video of the issue .