Problems with clamped polygons on mobile devices

Hi, everyone. I’m facing a problem with clamped polygons on mobile devices. I’m using a Galaxy S20 Ultra for testing.

I created a sandcastle in the following link: Cesium Sandcastle

And a video with the results on my mobile: Cesium clamped polygon problems on mobile devices - YouTube

Any help or thoughts appreciated.


Yes, apparently it is an issue that still cannot be overcome, there have been several posts related to low quality in mobiles when clamped polygons are drawn.
On the other hand I have noticed that using 3d-tiles with classification have a similar behavior.

I have tested your sandcastle, finding the same fault in:

  • Samsung S20 +
  • Huawei P20 Lite
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab

Some posts that could be related and that are closed:

It may be necessary to open another issue.

On the other hand I could notice that when painting on Terrain it has the same behavior. In the following link from sandcastle you can see that when zoom-in near the polygon “Draw Polygon” option also has this erratic behavior


@tonycedeno It seems that a long time ago you had the same problem, since reviewing I see a similar post of yours.

Interesting to see how Cesium ION improves visualization !!
I tested it on my Android Samsung S20+ and I can see how it fails in Sandcastle and fails less in Cesium ION, I would appreciate any tip to improve this in the community version of CesiumJS.
Can you please upload these assets to Cesium Ion and test it in another Sandcastle?


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