Pros/Cons of each loading 3D tileset and loading glTF as single 3d model

I was wondering what is the pros/cons of each loading 3d tileset converted from glTF or loading glTF directly e.g. using Model.fromglTF().

Model instance seems to have more flexible on material operation but I’m not sure.

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Hi @Hiroshi_Yaginuma

That’s an interesting question, and I think the answer will depend on what type of data we’re talking about. Typically, anything dynamic with time and space would remain a model whereas anything statically geolocated would be 3D Tiles. Would you mind elaborating on what type of data you are working with?


Thank you @sanjeetsuhag
That’s really good to know.
I mainly work with a geolocated 3D CAD model that created from CAD software.
The format is called j-Landxml which is 3D data format and I convert it to a OBJ model.
This OBJ model just consists of vertices and faces.