QuadtreeTileProvider and tile.data.viz problem

Hi all!

recently I discovered the QuadtreePrimitive class, from an example found online


I’m trying to run this code, but i’ve encountered some difficulties to understand how the code blocks its execution on this line

tile.data = {

viz : new GeometryVisualizer(PolygonGeometryUpdater, this._scene, dataSource.entities)


Probably the reason is related to the fact that this example is not tested with the current version of Cesium (but i'm using the 1.7.1) but I don't understand how to fix this issue.

Moreover, I have not find any documentation about QuadtreePrimitive and QuadtreeTileProvider.

Has anyone someone tested that code?

Thx in advance


The QuadtreePrimitive and QuadTileProvider are private internal objects not meant for general use (though that hasn’t stopped some users from doing so). The code you linked to was me messing around with a hacked up version of Cesium and should absolutely not be used as a reference or example; it simply does not work. I deleted it to avoid future confusion.

If you still want to use the QuadtreePrimitive, you need to use the source to it as a reference, but since it’s not an official API feature, we can’t guarantee internal Cesium changes won’t break any code you have that relies on it.