Question about custom license


My name is Lee Eunkyu, of Samwoo Immersion.

I sent an email to inquire about the custom license policy and materials needed for development, but I did not receive a response, so I am sending a message here.

We are developing an aircraft simulator for pilot training for the Republic of Korea Air Force, and we are using Cesium for Unreal and Cesium Enterprise for the system.

Last year, we purchased an annual license for Cesium Enterprise to carry out the project, and we were able to successfully implement many parts of the project using it.

Our project runs entirely in the Unreal environment, so we rarely utilize the features of the Cesium Ion SDK, but we still need the Cesium Tiling Pipeline to create terrain assets, and we need the Asset Server for Cesium for Unreal.

The final delivery of our system must be carried out for the military base, so it is difficult to perform certification over the Internet or pay license fees every year.

Therefore, I would like to check whether it is possible to purchase a custom license that can perpetual use the Asset Server included in the Cesium Tiling Pipeline. (Purchase of Tiling Pipeline annual licenses for topographical data updates will be done additionally.)

If this is not possible, we need to develop our own Asset Server for Cesium for Unreal, but there are not enough resources to refer to this, so we would like to see if you can provide us with any resources that will help us develop.

Hi @le3ung91

I’ve replied to your original email, but please let me know if you did not receive that information.

I’m looking forward to hearing back from you soon.

Very respectfully,