Removing a map element on Unreal Engine


I recently installed Cesium for Unreal Engine to make maps of the city of Paris and it’s an incredible tool!

However, I’d like to remove the Eiffel Tower from Cesium and replace it with a more detailed 3D Eiffel Tower model that I’ll import.

The problem is that after a lot of searching, I can’t find how to remove the Eiffel Tower, even with Cesium Cartographic Polygon.

Cesium Cartographic Polygon removes a piece of the map entirely with the ground and personally I’d like to keep the ground and remove the tower to put my 3D model there instead.

Can you help me? Thank you.

There’s no built-in way to do this. The best you can do is create a custom material that sets the opacity mask to zero based on testing the world position against some kind of bounding box. This tutorial has information about creating custom tileset materials, but we don’t have any specific guidance on the “discard pixels inside a bounding box” part of what I just described.