Render custom material on google 3D building


Is there a way to render a custom material (image) onto a 3D building in google street view? Our use is is that we’d like to project images onto the building so they are visible instead of the default texture.
I can image one way would be to create our own geometry and align the to the front of the building and then project onto that, but I can imagine this would potentially have all sorts of issues and also be a very manual process.

For a more fully automated process, ideally there would be a method to pass Cesium or google 3D tiles a location, query what object is at that location and then get the coordinates or a pointer to it’s texture so we could replace that with the image we want. I’m assuming nothing this specific exists, but I thought I’d ask before we hack together a more bespoke solution.

Note that I’m not a cesium developer, I’m just trying to scope what is possible, so apologies in advance if there are ways to do this that are obvious.