Resource for learning Cesium concepts


I’m completely new to Cesium. Is there any book or online resource to learn the concepts need to use Cesium. I know basic 3D stuff, but nothing Cesium specific.

I’m aware of the code samples available on the Cesium website, but I’m more interested in a detailed tutorial or a book that introduces the API along with concepts.

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Welcome to the Cesium community! You can find all of the official tutorials and guides here:

We’re actively working on expanding this - I’m curious to hear if there are any particular concepts you’re most interested in learning about? What use cases are you hoping to use Cesium for?

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Thanks, Omar, for your reply.

By “concepts” I meant what Cesium’s primitives or abstractions are. Not having gone through the dev guides and examples yet, to me I only need to give the following parameters to be able to see a 2D or a 3D map under a point:

  1. latitude (y), longitude (x), and height (z) of the center point of the map
  2. rectangular extents of the window / viewport
  3. angle of viewing. This would be a 3D vector
  4. map projection, if any, for different areas of Earth since mercator projection has its flaws such as enlarging regions away from equator
  5. Map interaction: For zooming and scrolling through the map, the { deltaX, deltaY, deltaZ } amounts you wish to zoom or scroll by on each mouse or keyboard event.

And the rest “taken care of” by Cesium unless there’s more I need to worry about slight_smile.

I’m aware that you can place 2D and 3D artifacts on the map, mark sections of map etc.