Share your ideas for more reference guides

Hello Everyone

Earlier this year, we released the 3D Tiles Overview, an approachable and concise guide to learning about the main concepts in 3D Tiles and designed to help integrate 3D Tiles into runtime engines for visualization and analysis.

The 3D Tiles Overview has received great feedback from the community for its readability, explanation and approachability.

We want to repeat this approach by creating reference guides and overviews to supplement the reference documentations available for the Cesium ecosystem. As most, if not all, of these reference guides will be for the developer community, we want to get your input on what topics in the Cesium ecosystem would be most helpful to cover using guides and overviews. We’ll try to produce as many of these as we can over time.

We would love to hear what would help you the most, or may have helped as you were navigating the platform and APIs.

Shehzan Mohammed

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I am broadly interested in the technicalities of 3D virtual globe production as related to Cesium.

It would be useful to have some basic knowledge, without needing to read the whole virtual globes book.

By way of example I have read and also “A WebGL Globe
Rendering Pipeline” from GPU Pro 4.

Something gentle on the differerence between Cesium and the more traditional internet map (eg: HLOD, etc) might be a useful way of getting greater interest.

I appreciate this may not be possible and is too simplified.

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