Runtime Error: Input Axis Controller Right Stick X is not setup

I’m added DynamicCamera in scene. Get a runtime error “Input Axis Controller Right Stick X is not setup” on my playing game.

Hi @GunOmniscience,

Are you using the new input system (InputSystem package in the Unity registry), or the legacy one?

I don’t know i will how to difference my input system. I‘m didn’t change any unity input system. I’m using unity version is 2021.3.20f1c1.

Hi @GunOmniscience,

I assumed you were using the legacy input system and found the error. While implementing the movement controllers, I incorrectly thought “Controller Right Stick X” and “Controller Right Stick Y” were built-in Unity inputs.

I just opened a PR with a fix here. Thanks for the report.

Thank you janine.

Are you from China? I’m chinese too. :blush:

So how to fix that ? do we have to download and replace the new script ? btw, i can’t add a dynamic camera, it does nothing when i click on it, not even an error message, i can add a blank tile but no dynamic camera.

@hugol This fix will already be included in the next release. The add button not working may have to do with a Unity bug described here. Try increasing the size of the Cesium window and clicking the button again, or changing the scale of your screen.

Ok then i wait for the next week to get the new release in order to put cesium into my built-in project.

Moreover, i contacted the sale team last week because i want to buy the cesium world terrain license, but still no answer, any idea about when they will answer me?

This thread is a month old. I just installed Cesium for the first time and followed the tutorial and I get the same (similar) error.

ArgumentException: Input Axis YAxis is not setup.

How do I fix this now?

I tried changing float inputUp = Input.GetAxis(“YAxis”); to “Jump” but it just reverts itself for some reason…

Hi @FusionScott,

This has been addressed in the Cesium for Unity v1.1.0 release. If you update via the Package Manager this error should go away :slight_smile: