Scaling and georeferencing?

In our UE5 based Cesium app, we need to be able to scale the 3D tile set to render much smaller sizes (think displaying the surface of the earth on a virtual tabletop – being able to zoom in so the tabletop is viewing several kilometers square of the globe – being able to zoom out so a large portion of the globe is visible using that same tabletop.) It appears that georeferenced objects aren’t located properly if the 3D tileset has any of this scaling applied. My question is if there’s a way to accommodate this somehow? If this isn’t supported directly, are there any workarounds we can take advantage of to get this type of behavior?

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Hi Chris,

As we’ve discussed offline, there is currently no workaround for scaling the whole globe if you also need globe anchors to work correctly, short of inverting the problem and scaling your world up instead of scaling the globe down. We expect to address this soon. Keep an eye on this issue: