Screen Shakes (Vertical Scrollbar appears and disappears) during playback

Greetings, I’m working with the CesiumJS flight tracker tutorial. Build a Flight Tracker – Cesium
One strange thing that keeps happening is that when the playback starts the visual screen shakes. What I think is happening is the web browser vertical scroll bar appears and then disappears. The screen size will shrink slightly to allow room for it. But then 1 second later it disappears and the screen size changes back. This keeps happening until I press PAUSE. This can also happen (sometimes but not always) when I click on an entity.
Any clue why this is happening and how can I stop it?

Some more details, this only happens when the browser is maximized. It happens both in Chrome and Edge.


I also completed the Build a Flight Tracker demo and I was not able to replicate your issue. Is it possible that you implemented a part of the demo incorrectly? Maybe a look at my implementation will help.

Here is a link to my Flight Tracker repository:


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