Show DEM protruding out on the Globe

We are rendering a DEM in our react application and want our user to have an idea of inclination of the terrain, when they look at it laterally see this sandcastle for reference , now we want that our DEM should be protruding out on the globe just like it is happening here in Example 3 with geojson ,
For this we tried uploading DEM after transforming the altitude info using Raster Calculator in QGIS, but that file gets stuck in

Deploying new tileset for streaming… step at 4% , asset ID 2643275

update: now it’s showing this message

Something went wrong with this asset. To report this issue, please email with the asset ID: 2643275.

Any help on this matter will be greately appreciated

Hi @zv-cesium,

Can you explain a bit more about the end result you are looking for?

If the root issue is the problem processing terrain in Cesium ion, I can move this thread to the proper category.


Sure, so if you see here in the DEM

I am able to see the elevaion profile of the terrain , I am able to make out that it is a flat surface, similarly if the surface is tilted in a particular angle then i want my user to be able to see that.

For achieving this I thought if I add lets say 200 to the altitude of GEOTIF then it would appear like this , but when i do that , cesium cloud is unable to process that file.