Shrink Credits on mobile devices

Hello im using 3dTiles on an andorid mobilr device. unfortuantely the credits are quite bit, they take up like 1/3 of the screensize. Can i somehow shrink the credits or lower the font size?

We have an issue to track that, but no immediate, easy solution.

Are you using the Google Photorealistic 3D Tiles? If so, switching to accessing them via Cesium ion will help, as only the Google logo - rather than all the credits - will be shown on the screen.

Thank you. Yes Google Photorealistic 3D Tiles. I am accessing them via Cesium ion. Im using the free version right now. What i see right now is the Cesium ion logo, the “Upgrade for commercial use” text, google logo and the “Data attribution” text. You said there is no easy solution yet. Do you have any resources for me to research, and find the “difficult solution” :smiley:

You can find instructions for customizing the credits here: