Smooth out the terrain of an area

Hello, friend, I want to import a model in an uneven place.I can now remove the “obs building”, but I can’t erase the terrain .If I crop the terrain directly, an error will appear at the junction.How should I remove terrain retention raster imagery? please help me!

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Hello @fonlylovey,

Thanks for sharing this! It looks like there’s an artifact in the Cesium World Terrain dataset that is causing the ground to appear like that. Can you please tell me the coordinates of the location in your screenshot? If I know where it is, we may be able to address it in a future version of Cesium World Terrain.

There is not currently a quick solution, but I can offer two possible workarounds. Be aware that they both might be buggy or unstable.

We are currently working on supporting multiple layers of terrain. Once this feature is complete, it will allow you to replace the terrain of an area with your own terrain. This feature isn’t yet ready for release. You can track the status of it in this pull request. If you want, you can try to build cesium-native and the Cesium for Unreal plugin from source and use this branch to test out the feature early, but it may not yet be usable in its current state.

Another option is to try using a totally flat terrain. This might be a good option for you if you are not using Cesium World Terrain’s elevation features like mountains or hills. You can learn more about one way to achieve this here.

I hope this is helpful. Let me know if you have any questions!


Hello, the original requirement is that I could import the model in any undulating terrain 。Because human beings need to build, bridges, houses, tunnels, it is impossible to be in a flat place, but we see that before construction, a small part of the area will be artificially destroyed and leveled