sort by date on Sandcastle Gallery?

Just a thought on the Sandcastle... It would be helpful to have a tab that sorts all the demo galleries in the Sandcastle by date added.

There have been several demos added recently (3D Tile Clipping Planes, 3D Tiles Interactivity) that would be better emphasized if there was a way to present the gallery by date added. Context of newest Cesium functionality could also be inferred when seeing the demos chronologically.

Thanks for all the continued great work going into 2018, team Cesium! Clipping Planes will be great for refining floor-level perspective on a 3D building.


Thanks for the suggestion, Greg! I agree that would be very helpful, both for the developers and the end users. I’ve gone ahead and opened an issue in GitHub here. There are many improvements to Sandcastle that the team has in mind, but unfortunately we haven’t had the time to implement them yet. Perhaps we can try at a code sprint soon!

I’m happy you already have a good use case for Clipping Planes! Let us know if you have a demo to show off.



Thanks for creating the issue Gabby! What are some of the other ideas being considered for changes to the Sandcastle?


Other changes to Sandcastle that have been suggested are mostly UI cleanup and enhancements, like showing the example that is currently open. Others would be to improve the search to make it more useful, and add more categories.

If you are interested we’d greatly appreciate contributions and would be more than happy to provide guidance!