Split animation timeline of model into multiple actions

Hi folks

I have a model with a rather long animation timeline, that contains sequential actions, i.e.:

  • total animation length is 100 frames

  • frames 1-50 contain walking

  • frames 51-80 contain a head movement

  • frames 81-100 contain an arm movement

My question:

  • How can I treat these subsets as individual actions in cesium? I wasn’t able to figure that out with this or that.

  • Is it then possible to combine several actions? Let’s say ‘walking’ and ‘arm movement’ at the same time?

I am looking for something like this: (starting from the 13th min)

Thx for any hints and tips!

It isn’t possible to treat subsets as individual animations. I would recommend splitting them into separate animations before loading into Cesium.

You can combine animations by calling model.activeAnimations.add for each animation you want to play. Just be aware that if one animation is targeting the same node/bone as another animation, it will override that other animation.

Ok, thanks Sean!