Standalone CZML examples?

Is there a URL the CZML files you use for your examples are available as standalone files? The guide is helpful but there aren’t a lot of examples in it, and the examples you do have on the home page are very cool, but as a developer, I’d like to see the CZML as well. I tried a couple of combinations of “gallery/NorthKoreaLaunch.czm” for URLs but none worked. I think this would help adoption of CZML as well.



Hey Mike,

The can get the North Korea launch CZML here:

In general, take the “source=” URL parameter and paste it after "". The exception is the Lots of Satellites demo, which has a custom server so the URLs are more complicated.


I'll also add that having a separate "examples" section on the wiki is
a great idea, even if they just like to the ones from the gallery.
I'll look into doing that sometime soon.

Ah, thanks! As a follow-up, why do most of the links in the readme have “.czm” and the actual file at “.czml” extensions? Is that a convention you’re using or a typo in the readme?


The "official" extension is czml. The website has been through a
bunch of iterations and is a little worse for wear because of it. I'm
in the process of giving it some TLC this week, so everything should
be standardized and streamlined soon.