STK Terrain Server vs ION


I was planning to move to ION from STK and while playing around i noticed detail difference between them even with the same datasets.

To test it i have downloaded SRTM example (which is already included in STK) and produced a small part in ION.

ION seems less simplification then STK for same data.

Has error threshold for ION been reduced for terrain meshes ?


Hi! It looks like ion is more detailed than STK. Is that your concern?

This may be a result of the fact that ion uses Cesium World Terrain as its base layer, which contains more detailed terrain layers than STK Terrain.

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One more thing, if we purchase ION, how do we protect out access token from being used from unauthorized websites ?

Is there a domain restriction in options? I could not see it on free account menu

1 Ağustos 2018 Çarşamba 20:14:43 UTC+3 tarihinde Jane Xu yazdı:

Hi! This is something that Tim would be better at answering. Contact him at :slight_smile: