Storing Tiles - best practices


We plan to work with Cesium On-Premise. Are there any best practices for storing the tiles? any preferred DB? I wonder what users tend to do…

May I ask - how Cesium ion stores the tiles? (replications, etc)


On Cesium ion assets get stores as static files. See “asset hosting” in this architecture blog:

When you using the CLI, you can output your 3D Tiles as “.3dtiles” which is a database format. That way you have one file per tileset so you can easily copy/move it around but still be able to serve out of it as described here:

thanks Omar.
how do I create this .3dtiles file?

does the .3dtiles file come instead of the files hierarchy (folders 0…n, each folder contains tiles, and the tileset.json in the root)?

When passing the output path, instead of giving it the name of a directory to output, add “.3dtiles” to the end, so it looks like:

modeltiler.exe -i input.las -o out.3dtiles


This is documented here:

This will be a single file instead of the directory of files with the tiles.