Terrain not loading

I often have a problem where the terrain is not visible in Cesium. I just see space and stars. Any entities I draw appear as well, but the ground does not appear. If I start private browsing, it starts working. If I use Cesium from a different domain, it starts working. Is this some sort of server-side throttling?

Here’s a photo of this phenomenon…


Are you getting any errors in the browser console? If so, can you post the snapshot of the browser along with console ON…

I have the same problem, but I see

403 Forbidden from http://dev.virtualearth.net/REST/v1/Imagery/Metadata/Aerial?incl=ImageryProviders& ....

But only in Firefox and Chrome !!!

I’m not having the problem today, but I seem to remember that Cesium wasn’t even attempting to load the tiles, so there wasn’t any info in the console. But, next time it happens I’ll try to get you a screenshot of the console.

This may have been your application hitting a request limit set on the server. We recently upgraded the underlying hardware hosting the terrain server, which improved performance (hooray!) but may have resulted in some apps hitting the dynamic request limits. These rules were recently re-tuned, so you should no longer see these 403 status codes returned by the server. If you continue to see 403s returned for terrain tile requests, let me know and I can review the current configuration against your ip.