Terrain Not Visible in Editor

I did not see a FAQ similar to mines so I will ask.
My goal was to create a mod for Bus Simulator 21 using real world terrain. Here is what happens when I open Unreal Engine using Cesium. I am attempting to use Washington DC. I have DXF files that come in layers. I also have files from USGS and OpenStreetMap.com. I am attempting to load the DC roads and OSM buildings from Cesium. What is wrong with the terrain not showing up like the tutorial? I followed each step leading up to the below images. I didn’t see anything that suggests I will need a VR headset to see the maps. Finally, I do not see Cesium Sun Sky in the Details or World Outliner. How do I find the Height for my area of interest?

Hi @Antonio_Scott, welcome to the forum. Your project sounds very cool!

Since your scene is white, I’m guessing it’s an issue with exposure. You can fix this by enabling “Extend Default Luminance range” in your project settings, or lower the intensity of the SunSky light. Unreal FAQ – Cesium

If you’re having trouble finding the CesiumSunSky actor, try searching for it in the World Outliner search bar.

Let me know if that helps with the terrain.


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Hi. I am trying to use Cesium for Unreal Engine

I have Problem that Cesium for Unreal engine works fine in play mode, but not in editor mode. I have no idea to solve this problem

Hello @Th_Kim,

Is your scene also washed out with white? What specifically doesn’t work in editor mode but works fine in play? Feel free to post images to describe the issue if that helps.


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Hi @Nithin_Pranesh

Thank you for your kind response
ㅇ doesn’t work in editor mode : after adding terrain button, i can’t see any change in view port
ㅇ works fine in play : after click play button, i can see terrain in view port
very simple !!!

Hi, Alex
thanks for the reply. I enabled the Luminance extender and restarted the project. I did not however check the World Outliner, I checked the Details Panel, then attempted to change the location in the time zone. I will let you know how it turns out following your steps. The project is complicated now by the Bus Simulator not being up to date.

The results after following your advice are attached in the photos. Now for the next phase of exporting/migrating the map into Bus Simulator 21. Do you have any tips or advice for using Cesium Maps in other projects? These images were shot in UE4.26 using the Advanced Driving Template in games. Also of note is to mention that once the Cesium plugin worked in one project it began to work in any project except Bus Simulator 21

Hello @Antonio_Scott ,

Glad the exposure fix worked for you! Can you open a separate forum thread for the follow-up questions so we can keep the forum organized? We will be glad to help you there.


Hi @Th_Kim,
Maybe you alredy find solution but here it is for other (found here: Terrain won't appear in the Scene View - #7 by eric.craft.mh)
Put viewport Options in “Real-time”:


I tried all the procedures in this post but I still dont see my terrain in the viewport but when I press play, I see the terrain just fine. Im currently in UE 5.3


Very strange. A couple of things to try:

  1. Check your Output Log for any messages that provide a hint.
  2. Double-click an object in the Outliner that you know is somewhere useful in the level, so that the viewport camera zooms to it. Perhaps the viewport camera is just off in some useless location.
  3. Try the Cesium for Unreal Samples project and see if you have the same problem there.