Tile has a bounding volume that does not include all of its content, so culling and raster overlays may be incorrect

Hi guys, I load a terrain in UE and use the CesiumTileMapServiceRasterOverlay to add the texture from url, it works very well in UE. But the titled problem occurs after packaged.

Hey @Heily,

Can you provide more details so we can reproduce your issue? For example,

  • What version of UE are you using?
  • Are you using Cesium World Terrain or your own data?
  • Can you reproduce this in the Cesium for Unreal samples?
  • Screenshots would help.

Hi Janine, I am using UE5.0 and using my own terrain data. Unfortunately, doing it in Cesium for UE sample result same log.

After adding my own data to load the terrain(without texture, only a white terrain), it shows the titled problem already, but in this time, the game works well in UE and after package.

However, when I load the texture with an API key, the red error occurs. Although the terrain with texture can be shown in UE, it cant be packaged.

What platform are you packaging for? Are you using file URLs? file:/// URLs are only supported on Windows, due to a limitation of Unreal’s HTTP request system.

The bounding volume warning indicates a problem with your data, but if it’s displaying ok in the Editor then it might not be a catastrophic one.

Hi Kevin, I packaged for window exe with vr experience.

I searched for the message in your log, “Could not perform game thread setup, processing HTTP request failed”, and it’s reported by Unreal’s FCurlHttp when SetRequest fails. It looks like most cases of failure would log a more useful message as well, except for one: “Http disabled. Skipping request.” Have you disabled HTTP support somehow?

It may help to clarify “window exe with vr experience” as well, because I don’t exactly know what that means.