Is there documentation anywhere on the format of the XML file included with the NaturalEarthII map tiles that come with Cesium? It includes a reference to a URL that doesn't appear to exist. And it isn't immediately clear what each part of it is doing.

What I'm trying to do is rearrange the way the 2D map is displayed so that both the Pacific and Atlantic are displayed 'intact' (without parts of the ocean being on opposite sides of the map), so I'm trying to figure out if tweaking this file is a good way to do it.


I don’t think tilemapresource.xml will help you achieve what you’re trying to achieve, but the file is a standard part of the Tile Map Service (TMS) specification. You can find the spec here:



Yeah, after looking it over I think you're right - I don't think this is the way to do what I'm trying to accomplish. I can't figure out where Cesium is representing the 2D map, though. I thought it might be the WebMercatorTilingScheme, because as far as I knew 'Mercator' refers to a way of mapping the globe in 2D. But the documentation suggests it's being used to tile the globe, which makes no sense to me.