Tileset data suddenly updated?

Hello. I have this issue where tileset within UE has suddenly changed in terms of color, almost as if there was an update. In the image attached, one side of the land is a different color, and the other section is totally different. It wasn’t always like this though when I worked on this section. It was all the same color. The question I have is there a way to revert back within Cesium to a different year that the photogrammetry was taken? I know we have this option in Google maps, not sure if it’s possible to do this in Cesium?

Hey @lwandej,

Are you working with Cesium World Terrain? If so, can you tell us the longitude, latitude, and height of the location corresponding to this view?

Hello Janine. Thank you for your response. Absolutely, here are the coordinates: 33.90302877152943, -84.44146505157123
The height is: 2250.0

Hi @lwandej,

It actually looks like you’re using Google Photorealistic 3D Tiles in your image. Or at least, you have it in addition to Cesium World Terrain. I suggest picking between one or the other; Google Photorealistic 3D Tiles encompasses the entire globe and may conflict with Cesium World Terrain in some areas.