Translate Model using glTF Node Translation

I have a transformation matrix on a glTF model that should translate it to ECEF coordinates according to the glTF spec on transformations: glTF™ 2.0 Specification

I’ve loaded this into a 3DTiles tileset but the models do not appear on the map in the expected position. Does CesiumJS automatically read the transformation matrix or Node TRS values to translate models?

I’m embedding the translation into the glTF because I’m calculating the translation per-model, so adding the translation to a 3DTiles transformation matrix will compound on subsequent child nodes, meaning only the first parent node will have accurate translation. I have some ideas to work with the 3DTiles transform approach if need be, but they make the data difficult to work with if it’s not a fully composed tileset tree.

This translation appears in the glTF data as:

“nodes”: [
“translation”: [