twill appeared after use shadow & Expected width to be greater than 0, actual value was 0 Error

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在 2019年9月5日星期四 UTC+8下午2:07:47,iall…@gmail.com写道:

more picture


There’s a couple of ways you could try improving shadows here. Increasing the shadow map’s size is most likely what will help, but turning on soft shadows may help as well (although it’s more computationally expensive so you get a worse framerate).

You can see how those options can be changed in this code example

Here are all the shadow map options

thanks reply.i find size property of ShadowMap can improve shadows.besides,decreasing the device pixel help a little.i am kooking for another way to solve the twill on screen.

Maybe there’s something wrong with my 3d tileset data according to

在 2019年9月6日星期五 UTC+8下午11:44:25,Omar Shehata写道: