Unable to complete scratch pad for "Procedurally Spawn Foliage" tutorial


I’ve been working through the “Procedurally Spawn Foliage” tutorial, but I’m unable to complete the scratch pad scripts for the Niagara system:

In particular I’m missing the following nodes:

  • Execution Index to Unit
  • Sample Texture 2D
  • Linear to Index
  • Set Render Target Value

These don’t show up in the “add context menu” (when I right click and search). I assume that these should come from Niagara because when I search through the code base there are matching names in some of the Niagara source files (eg. ExecutionIndexToUnitFunctionName in NiagaraDataInterfaceRW.h).

The same thing holds for the Elevation scratch pad.

My UE version: 4.27.1-17735300+++UE4+Release-4.27

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @Kebiro,

The procedural foliage was designed for 4.26. I haven’t had a chance to revisit it in depth, but last I checked 4.27 seems to have removed or changed some of the functions that this tutorial depends on. If possible, I’d recommend following the tutorial in UE 4.26.


Hi Alex,

thank you for your response. I’ve installed version 4.26.2 and those functions still seem to be missing.

Not sure why or what I’m missing. I’ll see if I can find something.

Edit: ok, I’ve figured it out. Those functions only show up when I drag out the respective pins from Map Get (e.g. Imagery Sample or Data).

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