Unable to load dracoed-b3dm, works fine in Threejs gltf-viewer

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Unable to load b3dm, display fine in Threejs gltf-viewer

The 2 errors are about “KHR_techniques_webgl” not supported by threejs gltf-viewer

Non-dracoed B3dm loads fine in Cesiumjs

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if hasVertexColors is commented in Cesiumjs code, then Cesiumjs can dispay it, without color

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Cesium v1.58

0draco.gltf (106 KB)

0draco.b3dm (78.3 KB)

What errors did you get and could you provide the tileset.json file for b3dms?
I briefly looked at the contents of the b3dm file. The length of batchlength at the beginning of the file is 0, but batch is declared in primitive later, but I’m not sure that’s the root of the problem. It’s just a guess.

The error is
[.WebGL-000001B6624D6A90]GL ERROR :GL_INVALID_OPERATION : glDrawElements: attached to enabled attrib 1 : no buffer

*added tileset.json

tileset.json (1.24 KB)

Using 3d-tiles-tools.js (v0.1.3) glbToB3dm
to create b3dm, and 3d-tiles-tools stripped the batches and set to 0.
Is there an option to keep the batches?

Issue was COLOR_0 was quantized,
once converted to float, it loads fine.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, l have the exact same problem with you. But l dont understand how COLOR_0 was quantized. l debug the model with Cesium which shows that the buffer was the type of float. Could you further show me your solution, looking forward to your reply!!! l can share the Model with you.

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Sorry, I don’t have many useful suggestions