Use of CZML for simulation of Ladoga salmon migration

Simulation of Ladoga salmon migration along the river Hiitolanjoki using CZML and simpro-scene IDE.


How to run:

This is pretty amazing! Do you know how the data was collected? What was the source format originally when you got it before converting to CZML?

Can you share the CZML here? I think the forum should let you attach that to a post.

Source format is ESRI shape.
CZML generated and sended to client programmatically during simulation.

For example, when a salmon is going along the river.
Function “cesium.mig/go-geoms-path” extracts points from a shape file, calculate and adds to the points time, generate CZML using function “czml.generator/add-point-flight” and send this to client using function “cesium.server/send-czml”.
All code on Clojure can be seen from a page:

Who are interested of, can download and install whole IDE from an address:

Instruction to run this example here:

Hope this helps.

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