We have implemented the Cesium for Unreal packaging HTML5 feature

Deep integration of Cesium functions, easy loading of online map data and tilt photography models, highly integrated UE realistic 3D scenes with Cesium geographical scenes, running smoothly on the web side, is the most innovative technology frontier! Equipped with Wasm programming technology, the execution efficiency is far higher than Cesium. UE+Cesium can perfectly replace Three.js+Cesium.js technology solution through UEPlus for H5 platform!

If you need to communicate, you can send us an email: uipower@uipower.com

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Innovatively fusing Cesium with Unreal Engine, delivering superior web performance, limitless potential – truly awe-inspiring! :globe_with_meridians::rocket:

May I ask a question? I encountered a problem while packaging HTML5. Can you give me some suggestions?
The problem like this:

Your problem is usually caused by memory limitations

Thank you very much for your encouragement and affirmation. We will continue to work hard.

Thank you for your reply.
How should I solve this problem?
Set the INITIAL_ MEMORY command in HTML5ToolChain.cs?

video introduction address

The specific operation is quite complex, and it is not just about setting the memory size. It is recommended to study the various command parameters of WebAssembly more.

This looks pretty interesting! Is there a live demo we can try out? Can you tell us a little more about how it works?

This is indeed quite interesting. It can perfectly integrate the 3D scene in UE with the Cesium for Unreal Earth scene and package it into HTML5, achieving simultaneous support for both desktop and web ends. This has changed the limitations of UE’s inability to achieve web side packaging. Being able to package H5 is a necessary path for UE to enter the metaverse. Working mechanism: We used WebAssembly for LLVM compilation of Cesium native, solving many difficult problems encountered in compilation and testing. In terms of key data loading and rendering, it is many times faster than Cesium. js. Regarding the online demonstration case, our team is currently working on it and is striving to provide you with a few informative demos,It will be provided in a while.

Ok, I look forward to seeing a demo. And I hope you’re able to contribute your work back to the community!

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nice work