Packaging the application error(s)

I’m trying to pack for a windows app and getting an error:

Also, I’m a beginner, so this might be a silly question:
Let’s say I have a cesium-generated environment in Unreal, and now I want to share with the world my production online, what would be the right way to platform-wise? a WebGL/HTML5 packing?



It looks like you might be missing some prerequisites for Unreal Engine. This post might help:

If not, I’d suggest posting to the Unreal Engine forum because I don’t think that’s Cesium specific at all.

For building applications on the web, Cesium has a dedicated engine for web-based 3D geospatial applications, CesiumJS:

You can also use Unreal Engine’s Pixel Streaming feature to run your application on a server and stream it in real time to a web browser:

Packaging an Unreal Engine / Cesium for Unreal application to run natively on the web is likely to be very challenging. I’m not aware of anyone that has attempted it yet.