WGS84 ellipsoid in Unreal

Hi everyone!

I got a data set in WGS84 coordinates. When I import them in cesium ion, the layer appears if I choose the WGS84 ellipsoid as a terrain. But if i choose the Cesium terrain, then my layer is way below the terrain.
The problem is that I want to use this layer in Cesium for Engine and not Cesium ion, and in engine I did not find the “WGS84 ellipsoid” terrain.
How should we do for our layer to be good placed in unreal then if the WGS84 is not available?


Hi @Emma.R,

If you’re looking to use a smooth ellipsoid without terrain features, this comment may be helpful to you.

It’s strange that your layer is appearing below the terrain when selecting Cesium World Terrain. Can you send me a screenshot of the import settings you used when uploading to ion?



This is for example a result I have in Unreal, but if I use this data in ion and choose the wgs84 terrain then it is perfectly on the floor
But as said, in unreal it looks like it is not exactly the wgs84
I will still check this story of importing a virgin ellipsoid tho, it could be interesting
Thanks for replying

@Emma.R, what is the original format of the dataset? Additionally, did you enable the “clamp to terrain” parameter when uploading your tileset?