What client can connect to my Google earth Enterprise Server?

I built Google Earth Enterprise Server, but how is the mobile client

1. I used the example:

2. But what is the url of the example? Var geeMetadata = new
         Url : ‘http://localhost/databasename’ });

3, my GEE admin released database

Database namePublish
CACountyPopulation-v001 /CACountyPopulation-v001 public

Url : ‘http://localhost/CACountyPopulation-v001

but, Still can't show the earth!!

4, who has a mobile phone client development example tutorial, thank you
very much!

So I think if your Google Earth Enterprise server is set up correctly, you should be able to point to it in CesiumJS. Here’s a more recent example that you can test with:

It doesn’t work when running on Cesiumjs.org because of an issue with their servers (https://github.com/google/earthenterprise/issues/875) but it should work if you download and run the example locally (as described here https://cesiumjs.org/downloads/).

That might be a good place to start. That’s all on the Cesium side. If you need help with the GEE software itself you might get more help by asking them on their GitHub page: https://github.com/google/earthenterprise/issues

I hope this helps!

1、Var geeMetadata = new Cesium.GoogleEarthEnterpriseMetadata({

Url : ‘http://localhost/databasename’ });

2、my GEE admin released database

Database namePublish pointVirtual

CACountyPopulation-v001 /CACountyPopulation-v001 public

3、Url : ‘http://myGeeServer/CACountyPopulation-v001’ , it is not ok.

example url : ‘http://www.earthenterprise.org/3d’, It is ok .

My conclusion is the version problem, the cesium example server is 5.1, my compiled googleEarthenterpise is 5.2, and the EC connection http://www.earthenterprise.org/3d is also not acceptable; cesium’s support for google earth is not updated, then I want to develop andriod google earth client is no plan, then google earth enterprise open source does not have much significance, because there is no development client, can not be used for secondary development? What experience do you have to introduce? Thank you very much for your reply.

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tks, i got it.
/BayAreaHighways is OK,

/CA_POIs-v001 is not OK

CA_POIs-v001/CA_POIs-v001publicDatabases/CA_POIs.kdatabase?version=1Fusion 3D2018-08-0415.21 MB


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