What is the purpose of server-side Cesium, other than creating GeoJSON stream?


I'm new to Cesium and JavaScript.

Imagine I want to create an application with a structure shown at


First, the user logs in. Then he or she is directed a page, where he can select one of the models. Finally, that model is opened in another page, which contains a customized Cesium viewer.

The data of the models are stored in a database, which is accessed by a Java server. That server is also responsible for authentication and providing data of user's model (second page). The JavaScript client interacts with the JavaServer for authentication purposes and to get model data.

The Node Server is not needed. It’s there since many people do not have a local web server running on their computer so do not have a way to run their applications.

Your application just needs to have the ‘Build/Cesium’ dir to operate, which you can have your Java application serve up like you would for any static HTML content.

Many thanks!


We also recommend that during your development you actually use the Build/CesiumUnminified directory and then use the minified Build/Cesium for your production deployments. The unminified version has a lot more debug code / messages that will help you if debug your application should you need to.