What settings do we use to generate buildings?

Hello! I apologize for all the questions. I recently got Cesium built and running on a linux environment, and just noticed that none of the samples seem to show the generated buildings shown in the trailers.
I was just curious if there was something I was missing or needed to enable to get that working?


I’m not sure which generated buildings you’re referring to. Can you share a screenshot from the trailer?

HI, buildings like this. I hope this uploads correctly.

I also get a lot of errors like this, I’m not sure if it’s related or not.

[2023-02-27 09:27:26.878] [error] [ErrorList.h:68] Failed to load https://assets.ion.cesium.com/75343/4/13/2.b3dm?v=1:
- Error when parsing tileset JSON, error code 3 at byte offset 0

The model in the video is a photogrammetry tileset - specifically Aerometrex’s Denver, I believe. If I’m right that that’s Denver, it can be found in in the VR01_CesiumDenver and 04_CesiumSubScenes levels in Cesium for Unity Samples. There are also similar tilesets in scene 02 (Melbourne) and 03 (San Francisco).

Asset ID 75343, shown in your error message, is an untextured model of buildings in New York. It should look something like this:

That error is suspicious though. Perhaps some firewall or proxy is preventing your system from connecting to Cesium ion?

Perhaps yes thank you, none of that is appearing for me. Very sorry for the long response time.