When Cesium is updated, the Cesium map does not open in the old version


I draw and use anything on the world map in Cesium. The problem is, when Cesium is updated, if I continue to use the old version, my drawing appears, but the world map does not appear. When I install the new version my code works fine. I have to install the new version every time.
Can you help me with this?

Codes are the same, version 1.110 is used in the first picture,

and version 1.112 is used in this picture.

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Hey, it sounds like we’ll need a bit more information to help debug this.

Can you tell me if you set your own ion key or are using the default that ships with the library?

If it’s the later case the sample key shipped is not intended for long term development. We suggest you replace it with your own ion key, you can find the steps to sign up here

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I was using the default key, replaced the ion key as you suggested and it worked fine, thank you!