Where do you insert bing key?

I've tried inserting it in multiple of .js files where I could find any reference to the bing key, but that message still pops up at the bottom:

"This application is using Cesium's default Bing Maps key. Please create a new key..."

At the same time, how do I remove the cesium logo from the bottom?

Thanks to anyone who can help.


It should work if you set the defaultKey option on BingMapsApi. Here is an example:

Cesium.BingMapsApi.defaultKey = ‘My Api Key’;
var viewer = new Cesium.Viewer(‘cesiumContainer’);




Thanks. The line is still showing up at the bottom of the globe, though. Not sure what else could be causing it.

What line are you talking about? Could you please post a picture? Thanks!


Hi Hannah,

Here's our website we're working on: www.sailor.life. When you click on "Find Chris" it'll bring up the globe (just like the cesium website). You'll see the message at the bottom.

The globe also periodically doesn't appear for some reason.

I do not see a message about a default Bing key here (Windows 8.1 with Chrome). Maybe you need to clear your cache or just F5.
Btw, the F12 console shows several errors that you may need to check.