Where the earth ??

Good morning


Earth can not be expressed.

In the test environment and nodeJS tomcat7

Although the test can not come without both districts.

Please contact us if there is anything more you need besides setting tutorial.


Do you see any errors in the console?



Hi there,

I also just started to use Cesium. I downloaded the latest install (version 1.22) and installed it according to the Getting Started guide:

npm install
node server.js

However, when I open my url and go to the Hello World template: http://localhost:8080/Apps/HelloWorld.html

The Earth is not being displayed. Using Chrome Dev tools, the console log prints the following:

This application is using Cesium's default Bing Maps key. Please create a new key for the application as soon as possible and prior to deployment by visiting https://www.bingmapsportal.com/, and provide your key to Cesium by setting the Cesium.BingMapsApi.defaultKey property before constructing the CesiumWidget or any other object that uses the Bing Maps API.

I got myself and API key and tried to change the default key in the hope that this was the problem, but I am still without an Earth.

What am I missing?

Same issue here. Planning to investigate the Bing Keys, but I've chosen other non Bing related Imagery providers in the meantime, and was able to continue on as normal.

Generating your own Bing key in order to use Bing imagery is required, and has always been. You must provide your own. See the documentation: http://cesiumjs.org/Cesium/Build/Documentation/BingMapsApi.html The default key is only suitable for development, and as you see from the current situation, may change over time due to factors outside our control.

Thats what I thought. Thanks Scott, going to try it tomorrow.

Thanks @Scott. We registered an account and got a Bing Maps key. Now everything is back working!