Why does the page get stuck after loading a large area 3dtiles

I need to load a very large area of the model(3dtiles), the area is probably similar to Pennsylvania, because the area is so big, so the models were divided into 6 piece, one by one to load this 6 pieces, all the model of a total of 800 MB, but model in the process of loading is very slow, I set up the following two parameters, but the effect is still not good enough.

maximumScreenSpaceError: 50,
maximumMemoryUsage: 4096,

Is there any other way to improve the loading efficiency, or a better loading method? Thank you for your help.


Welcome to the community! I just updated the tag of your post to Cesium ion. You should hear from a Cesium dev shorty. As always, community feedback is also welcomed.



I’d be happy to make some suggestions. First, though, can you please tell me if the 3D Tiles were generated by Cesium’s tilers (either through Cesium ion or our on-premises 3D Tiling Pipeline) or by a different tiler? That may have an effect on performance.

Which browser are you using? Does setting maximumScreenSpaceError to an even higher number improve performance? Also, please be sure that you are using the latest version of CesiumJS.

Depending on the exact problem you’re facing (I see that the topic of this thread references the page getting stuck after tiles are loaded), this post about explicit rendering may be useful to you: Improving Performance with Explicit Rendering – Cesium

If you can share the data (if it’s in ion, the easiest way is to share the asset IDs), that will allow me to take a look at it and troubleshoot directly, so that I can make a better recommendation. In the meantime, though, I always recommend searching the CesiumJS forum for “performance”—there is a good amount of discussion there, specific to each use case.