Will Cesium work in China?

I have a project that uses Cesium Google Maps 3D Tiles that I’m planning on showing in China soon. Will that even work?

I haven’t tried but I would be extremely surprised. Map data is heavily regulated in China. Not sure how their offsets of map data would even work with 3d data without a lot of rendering issues. I suspect the Google map tiles would mostly just be terrian and not buildings.

That can’t work in China, Unless you use VPN.

I am Chinese,Google maps can’t use in China,I use BingMap and OSM Buildings

You can just develop as usual,Just Use it with VPN in China.

Dear all, thank you for your comments. I read them before arriving in China, so I was prepared for the Google Maps API not to work. Like those above have mentioned, Cesium works. However, anything Google-related is blocked by the “Great Firewall,” e.g., the Google Maps 3D Tiles. However, install a paid VPN before arriving in China, or even hotspot your device using an Airalo SIM, for example, and everything will work as it does in the rest of the world, and it’s completely legal to do that. Everyone uses a VPN in China anyway, but unfortunately, because our project is being displayed in a State Museum, we weren’t able to use one. This is mainly because the Cesium/Google watermark would not have gone down well with the CCP.