3D Maps Information of all Countries


I am currently working on a Unity Based project, and using Cesium with Google Maps API.

For some odd reason, I don’t get 3D Map i.e. Buildings and Trees, Cars when I load the Map for “India” Country but if I try for coordinate from USA or UK, It loads fine.

I wanted to understand, if there is any particular Limitation of Cesium not being able to Load 3D Map for some specific countries.

Can I get some idea, for which countries I will get 3D Map and for which countries I may not get.

Looking forward hearing back !

Google does not have 3D building data for every city or even every country. As far as I know, they don’t publish a list of the cities that do have 3D buildings. But you can browse around in Cesium for Unity or even Google Maps to quickly answer the question for any given city.

Thanks for your reply !