3d building tiler - ENAMETOOLONG message

Hello again!

I’ve posted the similar issue couple of months ago. But I didn’t get any clear solution.

I split a city data along with the district division which is not even in data amount so that some area have quite lot of data in them but others have small amounts.

When I try 3D tiling those area’s citygml data which is over 200MB I get this error message ‘ENAMETOOLONG’.

First I thought that it’s the data that cause this problem. But when I uploaded the data cesium ion I realized that it wasn’t the data only.

Of course, it would be a go around if we split the data into several pieces but in our system those each area is supposed to have it’s own one 3D tile only.

And I think the data just over 300MB doesn’t seem to be so big for 3d tiler to deal with. If I have to accept the 300 MB limit that would be disaster for me. The 3D tiles that I have to treat would be explosively increase.

I wonder why the data which have no problem on cesium ion cause the error message.
I want you to look into the data - Asset ID “802765”.

Thank you.