3d-buildings-tiler error:spawn ENAMETOOLONG

i process about 30K+ citygml files to 3dtiles use by 3d-buildings-tiler on windows 11

./3d-buildings-tiler -I CityGML --input F:/gmls/1 -o f:/gmls/3dtiles

but get error: Details: spawn ENAMETOOLONG

I try to put filepaths into a txt file,and use --input-list, get same error

./3d-buildings-tiler -I CityGML --input-list F:/gmls/files.txt -o f:/gmls/3dtiles --database F:/gmls/tempdb --progress-percent true

how can i do to fixed it?

or has anyway to merge muti-3dtilesets?


Thanks for posting about this. At an initial glance, this seems like it could be related to a known issue users sometimes experience when trying to tile a large number of CityGML files at once. I would recommend trying to tile a subset of those files. That would be a good test of file validity. You can also send us the data if you like, and we can examine it internally.

Also, what software was used to generate the data? How large are the CityGML files?