Limitation Cesium Ion 3D Tiling Pipeline Converter

Hi Cesium Team,

I having problems to convert CityGML LOD4 to 3D Tiles…
Is there any limitation of 3D Tiling Pipeline Converter items of :

  1. CityGML file Size
  2. CityGML Items or elements especially LOD4 Data
  3. Machine Memory
  4. etc…

Really Appreciate if anyone can help me on this…


Hi Rill,

Here is some information on the 3D Buildings Tiler and what it does and doesn’t support:

File Size

There is no limit based on file size, as size does not have a perfect correlation with complexity. If your data is very complex, it may hit the tiler’s 24-hour timeout before completing. In that case, we recommend working in batches by exporting your source data in smaller pieces and tiling those. This may also serve as a good test of file validity.

CityGML Elements

libcitygml (the library we use to parse CityGML data) supports the object types listed here: libcitygml/cityobject.h at master · jklimke/libcitygml · GitHub

libcitygml supports the node types listed here: libcitygml/nodetypes.h at b71d2e855a48d5b8db60c1e18e6ea5cd88b2f8d3 · jklimke/libcitygml · GitHub

The following elements are not supported:

  • ReliefComponents - used for meshes of terrain, ground etc.
  • OuterTunnelInstallation
  • OuterBridgeConstruction
  • OuterBridgeInstallation
  • MultiGeometry
  • LineString
  • LineStringSegment

Please note that this list of unsupported elements is not exhaustive.

If you have more questions, please let us know. Thank you for bearing with us as we are working on the 3D Buildings Tiler and the documentation around it.


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Hi Matt,

Referring to the File Size u mentioned above. I saw there are have limitation size to convert data.

I tried my self, when i do conversion data size more than 800MB. Error string or blob too big.

Saharil Arshad

Hi Matt,

This is a new dataset… I found this error…
Is it also included in elements are not supported by cesium?
Error: Invalid File
Details: Active parser CityObjectElementParser reports end tag veg:lod4geometry

Saharil Arshad