3d tile. issues with uploading


Im trying to use Cesium tiles for Unreal Engine, and if I generate the model as a 3d tile in ContexCapture and upload it to Cesium(and see that model) and then upload to Unreal Engine, I dont see any model. if I generate an obj file and do the same (Cesium-> UE) I see the model in Unreal Engine. May you can give me advice on why it`s happened? As I need to use 3d tile data.

Hello @skeiron,

When you try to load the 3D Tiles version in Unreal, can you check and see if it’s producing any error logs? You can see any error messages by opening the Output Log with Window>Developer Tools>Output Log.

If it’s producing any errors, please post them here. I would guess it has something to do with the way 3D Tiles are exported from Context Capture, but there may be a way to work around the issue.