Ability to mask out 3D tile layer (photogrammetry)

Sorry if this is similar to another post, but it would be very useful to exclude certain parts of a 3D tiled photogrammetry model, in order to establish a “clean slate”. We scan an area for a client, and often times the project area needs to be altered for the construction of planned architectural projects to fit onto the lot. Most times the client already has a georeferenced 3D model prepared, so if we could “make a hole” in the streamed 3D tile models, we could insert this altered terrain.

Hi @Arkwiz,

The clipping feature is currently on our roadmap and being actively worked on. Please let me know if you have any questions


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@BaoTran have some news? :upside_down_face:

Hello @Arkwiz and @ljason1993 ,

The exclusion zones feature was recently added to roughly support these use-cases: New Cesium Update now closes de Editor - #5 by Kevin_Ring. It is still very rudimentary and only applies rectangular longitude-latitude-aligned opacity masking. We are actively working on more generalized clipping features in the following order of priority:

  • 2.5D clipping of arbitrary polygons defined by a spline (visual only)
  • 2.5D clipping of the physics meshes as well, also using splines
  • Full 3D clipping (we would be interested to hear if this would be useful to the community)

Keep up with the discussion in this issue and feel free to chime in with suggestions if you feel that your use cases aren’t being covered in the plan!