Ability to trim/mask out terrain

Hi - would like to make a suggestion for thought. It would be really useful for AEC applications if it’s possible to trim or mask out the terrain / OSM building, as most of the time the terrain will need to fit with a design model. Currently we can lower the terrain so it doesn’t conflict with design model, which is still very nice as a background scene but would be even better if there’s a way to trim/mask out an area to properly avoid the conflict.

Second this, we’d like a “clean slate” to insert content on, and often times the clients have their own terrain meshes already prepared.

Hello @cedrickw and @Arkwiz ,

This is a high-priority item we are actively looking into, feel free to keep up with the discussion about the feature in this GitHub issue. In the meanwhile, there may be temporary case-specific work-arounds you can experiment with by editing the appropriate materials in the plugin’s content folder.