about converted b3dm files

I've converted GDB file to 3d tiles via FME. These created titles are working fine. But,

i get the this warning at console:

This b3dm header is using the legacy format [batchTableJsonByteLength] [batchTableBinaryByteLength] [batchLength]. The new format is [featureTableJsonByteLength] [featureTableBinaryByteLength] [batchTableJsonByteLength] [batchTableBinaryByteLength]

This tile uses a lowercase refine "add". Instead use "ADD".
Required property geometricError is undefined for this tile. Using parent's geometric error instead.

what could be the reason for this?


There have been a few revisions to the b3dm tile format along the way, so it seems like that version of FME is producing tiles of the older formats.

Cesium maintains backwards compatibility so the tileset should still load fine.