Add my own raster data/or convert gml in the world terrain coordinates

Hey every one!
Since a couple days I am trying to add the gml files of Hannover (Germany) in Cesium for unreal. The 3d building appears but there are geolocalised under the Cesium world terrain. Does anybody know in which coordinate system I should maybe work for the buildings to appears precisely up to it?
I would also know how it is possible to integrate our own raster data in cesium for unreal, because I thought I could also download a map from Hannover and integrate it so my buildings would be on top of it.

Thank you for reading my demand :slight_smile:

Hello @Emma.R,

Are you using Cesium ion to host your data? If you are, you should have the option to clamp the buildings to Cesium World Terrain when uploading the data. You can read more about uploading 3D buildings here.

If you are not using ion, i’m not sure what your options are. One thing you could try is just raising the buildings up using the Unreal engine transform tools.

It is possible to upload your own raster data. Cesium ion can do this as well, here’s a tutorial for uploading raster data. You can also load in raster imagery from another source by using a Cesium Tile Map Service Raster Overlay component.